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How does a Fruit Picker Work?

Nov. 18, 2020

Fruit Picker

How can we lack a perfect fruit picker during the harvest season?Year.it is come from EXTENTOOL.

The iron material for fruit basket with plastic dipping surface treatment can prevent rust better, and the iron hook on the fruit basket can provide higher pulling force, it easy to pick fruits.

Fruit Picker

In addition, the sponge protection pad can also provide enough protection to prevent the fruit from being knocked and damaged.

Fruit Picker

The top of the telescopic pole handle has an American thread,It can be quickly connected to the fruit picking basket head.

Fruit Picker

The telescopic pole can be positioned and locked at any height to complete the fruit picking work.

Fruit Picker

Just standing on the ground can pick fruits from tall trees safely and quickly, which feels great.We have to share some satisfactory feedback to you.

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