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What Is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Jun. 13, 2022

Water fed pole cleaning is an amazing invention that has a big demand in the marketplace. Currently, these waters fed pole window cleaning is a great and popular job. The demand for window cleaning is increasing day by day. Water fed pole window cleaning is made of brushes and water pipes. With these water feeder poles, anyone can easily clean any upper-level window from the ground field.

Obsolete ladders were built and designed to reach the high floor of the building with maintaining security and safety. But now with a water-fed pole window cleaner three and four Storey building can be easily cleaned up from the ground. These water fed pole window cleaners are capable to work up to 60 feet or 30 meters from the land. Special pipe and brushes are used here to be able to clean properly.

How does water fed pole cleaning work?

Nowadays water fed pole cleaners are being used worldwide. With this new and incredible cleaning system, you will be able to clean the windows easily and effectively. And even you do not need to climb on upper place. So, now how the water fed cleaning system actually works?

Water Fed Pole

Purified Water

Ordinary tap water contains many salts and minerals. So, if this water is used in cleaning glass windows, it can cause many spotting and streaking after the water has been dried on a surface. For that reason, purified water using is appropriate and many workers, use a water fed pole system to treat the windows with purified water. So, window cleaners make their water pure through several filtering systems, and osmosis and deionization system are also used to purify the water. And after that, they keep this water in a safety tank.

Telescopic Water Fed Poles

After purifying the water, they carry them with a car or any track. Now the main event of cleaning the windows. To clean the windows, the telescopic water fed poles are used. The telescopic cleaning poles are built with brushes by which you can easily and comfortably clean the windows up to 70 feet. And because of using pure water it never makes any spot on the window after it has been dried. As there are no silts and minerals in the pure water, the windows can naturally be dried with a perfect and excellent clear finishing. The water fed pole system allows assembly for the required height from the modular, strong carbon fiber material. Brush movements at the top end of the pole and are used to lift dirt from the glass while the water loosens dirt and debris and allows a clean water wash-pen to be cleaned.


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