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Telescopic Poles Turned out to be So Good

Jan. 28, 2021

Wardrobes, cupboards, TV cabinets, all the cabinets used to carry objects in the house are storage tools. In the past there were few objects, so all that was needed was a large, clearly positioned container to include them all. But nowadays, living materials are becoming more and more abundant and appear in different forms, and just being put into a cupboard in a general way does not provide a systematic management of them.

So, in addition to these oversized containers, small tools for the storage of objects in the home can more than make up for the small details that cannot be taken into account by large items, such as the telescopic rod, which, like the golden rod, can be changed in length, and which is just as powerful as this golden rod.

The telescopic pole was first invented for scenarios where there was a need to have a hanging, but where you didn't want to damage the wall because you didn't want to make a hole, for example it was used for shower curtain rods and clothes drying rods. As long as there were two walls, they could be propped up and used.

Put another way, it can be put to use as long as there are two supports. So the storage scenarios in which telescopic rods can be applied are exceptionally rich.

Telescopic Poles

1. When we have a high empty height cabinet

When the cabinet is made very high, but the objects put inside only occupy the bottom space, you can divide the cabinet in two by propping up 2 telescopic rods side by side, for example, in the shoe cabinet space, if there are not enough shoes to put, the layer for flat heels can be divided into another layer, so we can put down more shoes.

2. Hang all the items you can

There are all kinds of rags and spray pots in the kitchen, but as the space under the sink is taken up by rubbish bags and rinsing pots, it would be too crowded to put them in.

By using a telescopic rod, you can hang up all the items that can be hung up, so that space is no longer a problem.

3. Stand up to free up more space

Whether it's plates, dishes or baking trays that tend to fall when stacked horizontally, they can all stand up. Simply partition the cabinet with a telescopic pole and arrange them one by one in an upright position.

4. Improve the support of the cabinet shelves

Sometimes, in order to store more items, the shelves of our cabinets are subjected to too much pressure and the shelves are unwittingly bent.

If you put a telescopic pole in place, you can increase the support of the shelves upwards and simply solve the safety hazard.

With the larger pieces positioned and the smaller ones fixed, the smaller storage items can contribute more to the details when they are used well.

If you want to know more about the telescopic pole price, please contact us.

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